The foundation of our company is our people. We have striven to create an environment in which every single one of our employees can take pride and develop confidence in working at Minato Civil.

One such initiative is life planning, where we encourage employees to depict an ideal image of themselves in 5 years’ time. This task is an opportunity to look back on oneself and to decide how best to work in the future.
Moreover, we seek to enriching the private life of every employee through our policy of prioritizing aspects of life outside the workplace: fathers participating in their children’s school events, young men taking childcare leave, single employees traveling abroad for long vacations during less busy periods, and many more.

Q & A
Q&A Q. Please tell me some details of the work.
We are mainly engaged in managing construction of civil engineering works commissioned by the Tokyo metropolitan government. We are experts in river construction works. Aside from this, we also perform road paving works and construction of water supply facilities as a primary contractor.
As for specific details, we perform construction management including process management, quality control, safety management, and performance management.
In the field, you will perform site surveying and photography work.
The work also involves desk-based tasks such as using CAD to modify drawings and creating reports with Excel or Word software.
Minato Civil was founded in 1970 and has a 48-year history of performance.
Q&A Q. Please tell me about the visa application process and who will bear the cost of travel to Japan.
We perform the following three procedures in Japan that are required for you to work in Japan.

① Preparation and applying for authorization of resident eligibility. (for review when entering the country)
② Application procedures for employment visa.
③ Purchase of a one-way ticket to Japan. (sent by e-ticket)

However, you will need to perform any procedures in your home country, such as applying for a passport and applying for a visa at the Japanese embassy.