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First-class civil engineering construction management engineer

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First-class civil engineering construction management engineer
Business content
ou will be responsible for construction management work as a site agent and supervising engineer for public civil engineering work ordered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
* We have a technician at hand for surveying and volume photography.
[Construction management]
We will create a design document and a construction plan that accurately grasps the site situation, and if it is necessary to change the construction contents, we will report to the supervisor and take necessary measures.
[Process management]
We can respond to changes in the situation and coordinate with related works under another contract quickly and appropriately, and complete it within the construction period.
【quality management】
Quality control records (construction record photographs, finished form control charts, finished form control tables) are appropriately created in order to perform construction to the quality and shape required by the orderer.
【Safety management】
We carry out safety activities such as safety patrols, safety education, and safety inspections according to the scale and content of construction.
Education / age
Up to 64 years old
licence · Qualification
Ordinary driver's license (AT only)
Experience achievements
First-class civil engineering construction management engineer
Practical experience of on-site agent or supervising engineer (experienced river construction is a plus)
CAD 2D (drawing correction degree)
Wage form
400,000 yen to 500,000 yen
Commuting expenses Actual expenses (up to 20,000 yen)
Trial period 6 months after joining the company (wages unchanged)
Reiwa first year model annual income 48 years old 10 years after joining 7.8 million yen
52 years old Joined company 1 year 5.3 million yen
Working hours
① 8:00 to 17:00
② 20: 00-5: 00
* Basically ①, depending on the site ②
Direct return to the site is OK, there is no possibility of transfer
Holidays ・ holidays
April-November: Complete weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday holidays)
December-March weekly holidays (Sunday holidays)
* Holidays are holidays or attendance according to our labor calendar.
Annual holiday: 105 days
Annual paid leave, summer vacation, new year vacation
Prenatal and postnatal leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave available
Fully equipped with social insurance (health, welfare pension, employment, industrial accident)
There is a retirement allowance system (for 5 years or more of service)
Personal day held (every Wednesday at 17:00)
We support employment from local areas.
(We accept consultations on company housing, transfer allowance, etc.)
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