Recruitment application

Construction management office work (with outdoor work)

Inexperienced OK! Ordinary course OK! Humanities OK!

We do not have any hard working styles such as "I can't take a day off" or "I have a lot of overtime".
Our company, which is certified as a work-life balance promotion company in Tokyo, implements "introduction of a modified work system" and "personal day to return once a week on time", taking childcare leave, nursing care and work. Some employees have both.

In addition, you can enhance your work and personal life, such as "you can study for qualification during working hours", and you can improve your specialty and create an environment where you can play an active role in the long term.

Would you like to build a new career in a workplace where you can work in a way that suits each employee?

Recruitment details

Construction management office work (with outdoor work)
Business content
For 6 months after joining the company, I mainly work as an assistant for senior employees. It is an assistant to the preparation of documents to be submitted, correction of drawings, photo organization, and surveying work. Although it is a job of on-site office work, please also respond to telephone calls and visitors at first. At first, you will work with your senior employees, and gradually you will be assigned a rewarding job!
Education / age
Up to 35 years old
licence · Qualification
Ordinary driver's license (AT only)
Experience achievements
No matter
Wage form
218,000 yen to 222,600 yen
Commuting expenses Actual expenses (up to 20,000 yen)
Trial period 6 months after joining the company (wages unchanged)
Working hours
8: 00-17: 00
Direct return to the site is OK, there is no possibility of transfer
Holidays ・ holidays
April-November: Complete weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday holidays)
December-March weekly holidays (Sunday holidays)
* Holidays are holidays or attendance according to our labor calendar.
Annual holiday: 105 days
Annual paid leave, summer vacation, new year vacation
Prenatal and postnatal leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave available
Fully equipped with social insurance (health, welfare pension, employment, industrial accident)
There is a retirement allowance system (for 5 years or more of service)
Personal day held (every Wednesday at 17:00)
There is a training system that allows you to study for qualifications during working hours (examination fee paid by the company)
We support employment from local areas.
(We accept consultations on company housing, transfer allowance, etc.)
Dobojo Training Project (Adopted Tokyo Women's Advancement Promotion Project)
A workplace where both men and women can play an active role!
This job is rewarding
Inexperienced people in the construction industry can take on challenges and acquire knowledge and skills such as CAD skills and acquisition of Level 2 civil engineering construction management qualifications.
There is a great deal of discretion, and there is an environment where you can make use of your ideas and ideas.
Being involved in highly public infrastructure work, you can enjoy the reward of supporting memorable work.。

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