Employees Introduction

Civil Engineering


From Mawlamyine, Myanmar
Born in 1994
Graduated from Myanmar Maritime University
First year in Japan


★ I love comedy movies
I watch all kinds of comedy movies and TV programs.
Because of this, my family and friends tell me I have a good sense of humor.
When you feel fun and happy, it’s important to share that feeling with others.

★ Favorite things
Grilled meat BBQ and ramen are my favorite Japanese foods.
I also like sweet things, so I always have candy.

Job Description

Three months after joining the company, I am entrusted with work on computers. At the moment, I’m often asked to modify drawings using CAD.

I learned how to use CAD software at school.
I also attended a CAD teacher's lecture about Auto CAD at the company.
So now I do a great job modifying drawings. Leave it to me!
However, this work has made me anxious in the past because there are rules for modifying drawings of actual objects.

I’ve also accompanied senior engineers to investigate sites before bidding on construction. I do my best to study for 2 hours every day to become a second-class civil engineering construction and management engineer.

Since there aren’t many female civil engineers in Japan, I’ve been made very welcome.



Arrive at work

Clean up

Radio calisthenics


Morning meeting


Study for second-class civil engineering qualification



Modifying drawings

Telephone support




Site surveying



Preparing site investigation reports

Customer support
Checking the following day’s schedule

Leave work

Vacation Days

★I took my first hike to Mount Takao!

The path was muddy because it was raining, but I managed to climb up without falling.
On the way I took a two-seater cable car, but I was scared because my feet were hanging in mid-air, and it was so cloudy I couldn’t see the scenery properly.
I ate warm soba noodles at the summit. Delicious!

I really enjoyed meeting up with my friends from Myanmar.
I wonder where I should go for my next vacation. I don’t think I can manage Mount Fuji! (laughing)

Future Dreams

I intend to do my best to acquire skills in Japan for the next ten years. Anyhow, my first goal is to become a Civil Engineering and Construction Management Engineer! To do so, first I have to pass the exam to take second-class Civil Engineering and Construction Management Engineer subjects.

I'd like to work both on buildings and infrastructure development such as coastal embankments. Myanmar is not well maintained.
Japanese technology is wonderful—I’d like to make use of that technology to benefit my home country.

I’d like to be entrusted to work as a construction supervisor. Someday I’d like to become an outstanding engineer capable of instructing junior engineers. So right now I’m concentrating solely on my work. I’m not going back to Myanmar for the New Year celebrations; I’m going to stay in Japan and try my hardest!

Within the next 3 years, I hope to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at Level 1 as well as the first-class Civil Engineering and Construction Management Engineer examination.