Employees Introduction

Civil Engineering


From Mawlamyine, Myanmar
Born in 1991
Graduated from Myanmar Maritime University
Third year in Japan


★ I love soccer
From ages 7 to 22, I loved soccer so much I played it all the time at school. I played in the side back position!
I only watch soccer matches now, but I’d love to play it again with some buddies.

★ Favorite things
I like Mohinga! It’s a bit like Japanese Tonkotsu ramen.
On vacation days, one of my pleasures is going to Takadanobaba to eat Burmese food.

Job Description

★ My job is to manage sites as an engineer

As the responsible engineer on site, I am responsible for photography, organization of photos, and structure management.

I take pictures before, during and after construction, in accordance with the photography plan, in order to leave a record of construction.
Photo organization starts around 5 pm every day after the on-site work finishes. I keep data on my computer to record the name and progress of construction work. I do my best to finish within two hours, to avoid creating work for the following day.

Structure management means checking that each structure is proceeding as planned.
I take measurements every time a construction task is completed.

Get done what I have to do today—that’s my motto!



Arrive at work

Clean up

Radio calisthenics


Morning meeting


Site management






Meet to discuss the following day’s work


Site management

Structure management



Organizing photos
Checking the following day’s schedule

Leave work

Vacation Days

★I visited Hakone during the summer vacation.

I went to Hakone on a day-trip bus tour with a technician friend also from Myanmar.
It was my first time on a sightseeing ship. I was surprised at its size, but the scenery was very nice and I really enjoyed it.

We went up to Owakudani via the ropeway. The impression still lingers because the smell of sulfur was so intense.
Also, I ate some of the famous black eggs in Hakone. They were delicious!
I heard that eating these black eggs extends your lifespan, so I ate 10 of them!

On the way home I saw sunflowers in Zama in Kanagawa Prefecture!
There were sunflowers taller than me (175 cm), which surprised me.

Japan is very interesting. Next time, I’m going to visit my friends in Sendai and Osaka.

Future Dreams

My dream is to marry my girlfriend when I turn 30 and build a house in Myanmar! I'd like three children too.
So by that time, I want to qualify as a first-class Civil Engineering and Construction Management Engineer in Japan!
I can imagine myself as a construction supervisor, working hard every day.

I want to learn a lot of work skills, become an excellent engineer and work on bridges someday.
I’m going to keep working hard until I’m able to say with confidence: “No problem—just leave it to me!”

After I return to Myanmar, I want to make use of the skills I learned in Japan.
I want to keep improving Myanmar because its infrastructure development is still inadequate.