Employees Introduction

Civil engineering


From Yangon, Myanmar
Born in 1991
Graduated from Myanmar Maritime University
Third year in Japan


★ I love singing
I love singing so much, sometimes I go to karaoke by myself!
Once before, when I was singing at home with the windows open, a police officer came round to tell me I was being too loud.

★ Favorite things
I love ginger ale! It's so sweet and tangy.
I also like to participate in festivals and events with everyone.
I believe it’s important to spend vacation days together with others.

Job Description

I’m always working hard on site! I’ve been entrusted with surveying sites.
Once I was concentrating so hard that I didn’t notice I had a hole in my pants. I did feel embarrassed about that.
But that shows how eagerly I’m doing my job!

On site, I work with people who aren’t Minato Civil employees, so I’m also learning the Japanese language.
I think working with Japanese people has helped me grow a lot.
When I’d just arrived from Myanmar, my Japanese was pretty terrible.

At first, what really surprised me about working was that women were on site!
A woman was operating a huge crane.
This really encouraged me to try hard not to lose to her.



Arrive at work

Clean up


Morning meeting

Site management

Site surveying





Meet to discuss the following day’s work


Site management

Safety management


Create summary table of survey results


Leave work

Vacation Days

★During my summer vacation I went to the Tonegawa Fireworks in Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

A senior workmate advised me I wouldn’t get a good spot to see the fireworks unless I was there from around noon. I arrived at lunchtime and it was already crowded with lots of people. I looked it up afterwards—there were 100,000 people watching.

There was a Japanese drumming performance in the opening ceremony. We were a long way away, but the sound of the drums was so loud I was surprised. The fireworks lasted for about an hour, but during this time 7000 fireworks were launched. These included Senri Giku (“thousand wheel chrysanthemum”), Wide Star Mine, and Kamuro Giku (“crown chrysanthemum”) fireworks. The finale had Chinese fireworks and a massive Niagara Falls display with a total length of 300 meters! I liked the Senri Giku most of all.

It's been three years since I came to Japan, but this was my first time to see fireworks so close. It was beautiful up close; much more striking than I’d seen on TV. I was surprised to hear how loud the sound was too (laughing). I want to go see the fireworks again next year!

Future Dreams

My future dream is to get a girlfriend! (laughing)
Only joking—my dream is to work in a position of responsibility for construction sites.

Right now, I’m dedicated to learning the job under the construction supervisors!
Someday I’ll be the one with responsibility for construction and will have to manage a site. Right now I’m performing the surveying and photography work that I’m capable of doing.

I’d love to be able to work as a construction supervisor once I acquire a first-class Civil Engineering and Construction Management Engineer qualification in Japan.
I'm dreaming of becoming a CEO one day!!