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Nyi Nyi Lwin
Civil Engineer
Bachelor Of Civil engineering


I was borned on 1994, in Mandalay, Federal Republic of Myanmar.

Graduated from Mandalay Institute of Technology.

After graduating from College,school to school, and the President of Myanmar to come to the interview,by 2018 October visit to Japan.


I like Chinese food!
In Myanmar, "mohinga" made by sprinkling soup with dried noodles, such as sunny rice, is popular.

This soup is made with spaghetti, garlic, Ginger pepper, onion, There are also dry noodles and noodles.
coriander, Fried garlic It contains duck eggs.

In Japan, I'm addicted to ramen.
A variety of flavors, soy sauce,
There are pork stew, chicken stew and fish stew.

When I was living in Minato, I ate 50 popular ramen. Now I have moved to Adachi Ward. My favorite is the pork from Raman Fujimaru in Nishiarai Diashi.

Job description

At designated locations, we are currently undergoing seismic rehabilitation of the dam.

Construction of underground structures to prevent flood damage in the event of a major earthquake in Japan. Reinforcement bars and thick concrete are added directly under the beach

My task is to make the concrete thicker.
It is difficult to drive 12 concrete carts in 5 hours.
You need to check the concrete acceptance every 25 minutes.
If I was late, the concrete would dry out and the workers would have to wait.
I did not eat lunch; Atmospheric volume It was tested for compliance with salt content and drop value values.

When they finished, they were so hungry that all the members ate a big meal of beef.
I will never forget the success I had during this time and the sense of unity on the site.

In the Japanese construction industry, there are many people from other companies, called joint ventures, who work under the direction of a contractor at Minato Civil.
Even in a specific job, it can be done by diagnostic specialists, Pouring crafts and sharing to high-level workers.

I intend to become a construction manager for a contractor. You can get an internship in Minato.
Japan's civil engineering technology is at the forefront of the world. This workplace is the best place for me to learn this technique and help myself every day.



The office

Site move


Morning meeting

Site management


(30 minutes)

Site management


(60 Minutes)


Tomorrow's work




(30 minutes)

Survey results spreadsheet creation


The scene bounces


There are 25,000 Burmese people visiting Japan.

In addition to the construction industry, we exchange information with people from various industries, such as IT companies and restaurants on SNS, such as Facebook. So thank you. I was able to get as much information and information as I did in my home country.
Shop with friends in Shibuya and Okubo. I went to the dining room.

The 105th day of the annual Minato Civil is a public holiday. New Year holidays During the golden weeks of May or the summer holidays, I will take a two-week vacation and return to Myanmar.

The decision was made a month before the regular holidays, so I decided to go on Saturdays and Sundays. Sightseeing trips are frequent on Sundays and three consecutive holidays.

All Myanmar people take photos while going to Universal Studios in Japan.

The Harry Potter series is full of fascination, At Universal Cool Japan, I was amazed by the charm of "Park Original Story". It is called "Godzilla"; In collaboration with "Shin Godzilla" and "Evangelion", it creates confusion like a girl created by the action of the original story.

Dreams for the future

I plan to get married at the age of 30 and work together in Japan for 10 years before the age of 35.
My dream is to build a house in Myanmar for 5 million yen. I want two children. At the age of 50, he plans to start a beer business.

The environment of Minato Civil is the best way to achieve this goal in the next 10 years.
The salary is the same as in Japan. So if you qualify as a civil engineer in civil engineering construction management, you will earn 300,000 yen per month.
In addition, there is an education system to qualify. I watch the DVD from 8 to 10 o'clock every day and study the old questions using my old questions.

In 2019, I joined the Second Class Civil Engineering Construction Management Engineering Department during working hours. Although I failed my final exam, my salary was increased in recognition of my efforts.
Seniors and superiors teach you where you do not understand the meaning of the problem or the wording. To meet expectations, I must make sure.

The Japanese and Burmese have much in common.
In Asia, we are grateful, Working together; It is number one when it comes to respecting personal hygiene and safety.
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Let's do our best to reach the top together.