Employment information

Recruitment Q & A

Please tell us about your future recruitment plans.
We will hire you at any time regardless of experience, age, or genre. Public works in Tokyo are diverse, with development and repair. We are looking for human resources from a wide range of age groups and genres in order to grow without relying on one technology.
Not only those who have experience in civil engineering, but also young people who have no experience in working while learning about civil engineering, foreign nationals, and those who are planning to switch from different industries are welcome.
What are the characteristics of Minato Civil in terms of working?
We value independence. At the site, I am the person in charge. Active independence is required for the task of grasping the situation and giving instructions.
On the 25th payday of every month, we hold an employee liaison meeting where all employees think about problems and solutions based on the situation at each site. There, even the opinions of new employees are adopted that are beneficial to the company and employees.
I'm not confident in my experience, is that okay?
There is no problem even if you are inexperienced.
There are also seniors who have honed their skills at major general contractors and job change groups from the financial industry.
It's okay if the person is motivated, and we will carefully educate the technology and know-how from the beginning.
How are senior employees providing employee education and business guidance?
Mainly OJT (on-the-job training) during working hours.
You will be required to learn the work procedures and tips at the site. In addition, we will educate the knowledge and skills necessary for work, the value and sense of accomplishment of doing work.
To obtain the qualification, you may be asked to attend an external seminar or vocational school.
What are the benefits of Minato Civil?
Regarding retirement allowances, regular employees are enrolled in the Severance Pay Mutual Aid System for Small and Medium Enterprises. Since the retirement allowance is paid directly to the employee from the retirement, it is possible to accept the payment at any time when the employee leaves the company.
Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance (applicable to all employees) and long-term disability income compensation insurance system (60) that covers the risk that employees will not be able to work for unexpected reasons, regardless of whether they are working or not. Only for employees under the age of). In addition, the recreation facilities of Ohiradai Minato-so and Hotel Dankoen in Minato Ward can be used at a bargain price. GOLF & FITNESS POINT Shibaura on the 7th floor of the same building is a corporate member and employees can use it free of charge.
Is there an opportunity for employee friendship and socializing?
We hold social gatherings on a cool boat, including an annual employee trip.
There are also birthday parties, year-end parties, New Year's first visits, and boat race competitions.
We hold some kind of event every month.