Win Phay
Civil Engineer


From Myanmar ,Magway ,Natmouk township
Born in 1997
Graduated from Myanmar Maritime University
Came to Japan in March 2020


My hobby is Playing Football .I played for the football team when I was in University. Position was attacking midfield(Center Forward)! As it is a midfield attack, it is need to focus on passing and dribbling to get to the destination.
Football is also a popular sport in Japan, and I always watch football TV show(live)  whenever I free . The supporting team is Myanmar and Manchester United. There is a sports center that is about 10 minutes by walking from the house provided by Minato Civil Company. I also want to have fun with my football friends in Japan.

Job Description

In October 2020, I will take the Second Class Civil Engineering Construction Management Exam.
Arriving in Japan is March 2020.Cause I am just arrived, I thought it would be difficult to take the exam. However, Minato Civil has a study time during working hours, so I believe that if I work hard and study hard, I will be completely successful. And I am working as an assistant of Senior Lwin Htoo Aung on the site to ensure the safety of workers and pedestrains in during working hours. And the construction of step by step photo are taken for proof that we are working safely and doing in accordance with the design. At the beginning , I took pictures that were inconvenient to use, and then seniors taught me how to take the correct picture.
With the good teaching methods of Minato Civil, gradually I became more accurate and faster.



Arrive At Work 

Going to site


Moring Meeting 

site management





Meeting to discuss   the following day's work


Site management 
Safety management


    Create summary   table of survey


leave from work

Working Hour Education

We are making the management for the construction to be safe, quick and  improve. Minato Civil aims to all of staffs to become competent engineers.    There are 20 staffs in our company. Among them 10 people are possessed second class civil engineering construction management certificate (only gakka), 3people are possessed second class civil engineering construction management certificate , 1people is possessed first class civil engineering construction management certificate(only gakka) and 4 people are possessed first class civil engineering construction management certificate. Other members will challenge second class civil engineering construction management exam( only gakka). 
Company will pay the exam fee for once. In addition company will pay the      study time form 8:00am~10:00am from the working hour. Firstly we will study by looking video and then study old question. If I didn't understand, my superiors and seniors will explain carefully. Moreover I try the test and check. And I will try again and again until I understand what I wronged.


I have an idea to established the construction company together with my friend in Myanmar. I will be studying  the technology in Japan for over 10 years to make my dreams come true. My first goal is to become a civil engineering engineer.
Our president rented to me a laptop for my study to look videos. Minato Civil is enthusiastically help for their staff to improve ability. 
I am also trying to pass the N2 level of Japanese language. Therefore I have been memorizing Kanji gradually by reading ,writing over and over again. There are many kenji that they are similar to each other. If I understand I asked senior Lwin Htoo Aung. And then he explains to me by native language. With a more understanding of the meaning of the words, the mistakes that I do is more fewer. We are also welcome the fresh graduated person. Minato Civil has an environment where you can make your dreams come true.