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Ye Lin Tun
Civil Engineer
Bachelor Of  Civil Engineering


I was borned on 1992, in Bago Township, Bago Region, Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

I graduated from Hmawbi Technological University.

I worked in Yangon on an 18-storey, 72-rooms (about 2LDK, 100m2) high-building condominium construction project.
I has two years of experience in the construction project in Myanmar.

I decided to work in Japan because I wanted to be the chairman of a Japanese contractor, that`s why I came to Japan in February 2019.


★I have visited  world heritage sites in Asia: Borodudur Temple in Indonesia, Ayutthaya and Sukhothai Archaeological Site in Thailand and Botanical Garden in Singapore.

A strong impression was left, the root of the tree is buried in that Buddha head in Thailand Wat Mahathat. Burmese army invasion, which was destroyed during the Buddha's neck, the root of the tree is captured in this figure was from.

Japan's World Heritage sites in the tourism is along the road to the glittering"Golden hall".
The port business of the company is in the middle of Tokyo,Minato-ku, Tokyo there. Haneda International Airport is a 30 minute bullet train to Shinagawa Station is a 10-minute and access excellent!

Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan and Nikko Toshogu Shrine is during the year go so good..........

Job description

 You can study while working.  I am challenging to watch DVD training and old questions every day from 08:00 to 10:00 every day to get a second-class construction management engineering certificate equivalent to Japanese.

When there is a mistake, the superior teaches the right way. The teaching of Minato Civil is unique.
Soil type test made and prepared. Thank you for memorizing as a like game.

There is also a professional CAD instructor who comes to the company.
Although I can use AutoCAD.I was able to learn new and useful ways to improve my skills.

There is no paid company in Burma yet.

From 10:00 to 12:00 noon, we manage the photos taken yesterday. Management uses the application to display the caption of the photo and the subject of the photo.
After lunch, I went to the site and took some management photos of the site at 13:00PM.

This job requires writing kanji on a blackboard and I am not good at writing kanji.
Meters and ropes are used to take photos of the finished construction.



The office

Morning meeting
Radio Gymnastics


Grade 2 civil engineering study


Photo organizing


(60 Minutes)


Site move


Site management


(30 minutes)

Site management


Office move


Field report


Minato Civil Co., Ltd. considers "refreshing" important , Ltd. There are at least 6 days off per month.

On Sundays when we are sure to rest, we will visit Odaiba and Tokyo Tower in the Tokyo's Art Theater Labyrinth at the Aqua City Theater, within 30 minutes from the company building.
The photo shows the Tokyo Sky Tree I went with a colleague. Urban design influenced me in the not-too-distant future with the world's tallest radio tower at 634 meters.

There are four Burmese in Minato Civil. They live in the same dormitory in the same Minato neighborhood, so they have dinner together after work. Families I like being able to speak Burmese with my girlfriend.

On the other hand, friends with the intention of becoming Japanese construction management engineers. As we work together, we are also learning the skills. Aiming at the certified senior, I will try the other three person.

Once a year, I will take a vacation for two weeks and return to Myanmar.

Minato Civil is looking for foreign engineers. The Governor of Tokyo has twice selected the company for its good performance, recognizing the work is excellent and work / life balance Certified recognition company.

Whatever. If you are a young person in Myanmar, What will I teach you? Let's work together ............

Dreams for the future

My dream is to become a civil engineer who is strong in hydraulic engineering.
Myanmar has vast flatlands and river basins in the center of the country, so flood damage occurs almost every year. The 2011 Flood has killed 215 people and left 300 missing, and is unforgettable.

At this time, let's learn the technology in Japan, which is strong in hydraulic control measures.

I decided.
In Tokyo, many people live safely near the Edogawa, Tama, Arakawa and other large rivers.
In order to bring this lifestyle to my home country, I wanted to join Minato Civil, which specializes in river civil engineering.

At Minato Civil, you are required to obtain a qualification as a civil engineering construction management engineer. I was told that qualifications would be my weapon.
I am studying with a salary during working hours.
This year's second-class civil engineering construction management engineer's exam passes one shot.
I am studying in parallel with the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2 (N2). I realized that my ability to speak and listen to Japanese is necessary for my work.
Kanji and grammar are corrected by my boss in the daily report. I also made a mistake in listening to the instructions and doing other work in the field.
Right now, I'm desperate because I'm in charge of teaching Japanese to the field workers I work with.

I have the patience to go to Singapore every month.
She studied at the university together and she is working hard on design. We both aim to start a construction company in the future.
Come to Japan and work together at Minato Civil to make your dreams come true!