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Foreign engineers

Win Phay

Joined March ,2020
Graduated from  Myanmar Maritime University

    I am a new graduate employee from Magway, Myanmar who graduated from Myanmar Maritime University in February 2019. In the future, I would like to become an excellent civil engineer and create a construction company in Myanmar. To that end, I came to Japan to acquire Japanese civil engineering technology, which is said to be the highest level in the world.

    To that end, I am studying every day to pass the national qualification Level 2 Civil Engineering Construction Management Engineer Department and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2. At Minato Civil, there is an educational program that allows you to study during working hours for 2 hours from 8 am to 10 am every morning. I am very grateful that the company will cover everything from preparation for the exam to the exam fee (once).

      At the site, be careful not to let pedestrians enter the site. Safety management such as installing signboards, surveying whether the width of the sidewalk pavement and the roadbed height are as determined by the design, and taking a picture of the situation at the site while checking. I have been taught quality control. Minato Civil has three seniors from my home country, so the environment where I can listen to Japanese immediately is very encouraging for me as a new graduate. Minato Civil has an environment where you can make your dreams come true. We are waiting for your application!

Ye Lin Tun

Joined in October , 2019
Graduated from Hmawbi Institute of Technology

     After graduating from Hmawbi Institute of Technology, I was engaged in the construction of condominiums in Myanmar for two years. I have a dream of becoming a civil engineer specializing in hydraulic engineering. I decided to study technology in Japan, which is strong in hydraulic control measures, and came to Japan. This is because Myanmar is flooded almost every year. So I joined Minato Civil, which specializes in river civil engineering.

     Minato Civil is required to acquire a civil engineering construction management engineer, which is a national qualification of Japan. You can study during working hours with a salary for 2 hours from 8 am to 10 am every day. I am studying for 2 hours while using past problems and DVD classes.
     We are also taking on the challenge of acquiring the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N2). All my work is done in Japanese, so it's a learning experience.
     At the site, we survey while checking the blueprints to see if there are any construction mistakes, and take photographs of the construction status. I am not good at writing work types in kanji on the blackboard. I am desperate to write daily reports and reports in Japanese. Minato Civil wants to improve its skills and gain a lot of experience. Let's work together at Minato Civil!

Nyi Nyi Lwin

Joined in January 2019, graduated from Mandalay Technological University

    I studied civil engineering at Mandalay Institute of Technology in Myanmar. This educational background gave me a chance to challenge the second-class civil engineering construction management engineer, which is a national qualification of Japan. In order to pass, Minato Civil will allow you to study from 8:00 to 10:00 during working hours. I'm worried about taking the exam in Japanese, but I want to pass it once.

     I learned from my seniors at OJT about the surveying work to be performed on-site, such as machine installation methods, surveying procedures, and calculation methods. Rest assured that you will be taught Japanese that you do not understand once in a while! But inside the company, conversations with seniors are also in Japanese.
We also invited a lecturer to the head office to take a CAD technology class. In addition, there seems to be a class on how to take construction photos and how to organize photos using software.

     I will work in Japan until I am 40 years old and become a real civil engineer! After that, I will work at the forefront of infrastructure construction to develop civil engineering in my home country Myanmar. Also, I have a plan to open an izakaya! Please access Minato Civil

Lwin Htoo Aung

Joined in May 2016,
Graduated from Myanmar Maritime University 

                               Mingala par! 
     My name is Lwin and I'm from Yangon, Myanmar.
I was featured in "Introduction of construction stations where women and young people play an active role" in 2017. It became a big poster, so I sent it to my mother in Myanmar.

     At the site, I am in charge of taking and recording construction photos. I shoot while checking if there is backlight, there is no camera shake, and the structure is in the center of the photo.

    By gaining on-site experience in Japan, I was able to pass the second grade civil engineering construction management engineer! Now I am challenging a first-class civil engineering construction management engineer. In addition, in order to communicate smoothly with the supervisors of Tokyo and the local residents who are the ordering parties, we will challenge the Japanese language test N1 and improve our Japanese proficiency.

       Asian nationals who want to work as civil engineers! Minato Civil will provide you with housing, a refrigerator, a microwave, and bedding. Let's work with me.