I am going to Japan for the first time.
I am worried about the cost of living, due to the high rent and high prices in Tokyo.

We have one-person (single-room) company apartments available. Each is furnished with everyday appliances and items (worth around 500,000 yen—refrigerator, microwave oven, futon, etc.). This company housing is only a 5-minute walk from our office. You can commute to work in the work clothes we lend you on the day you join the company.

Please bring around 50,000 yen to cover living expenses until your first salary, as well as some personal belongings. If you need a Japanese mobile phone, we will lend you one.
What level of Japanese language skill do I need?
Speaking plainly, you will need to come in with knowledge equivalent to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at Level 2 (N2).

After gaining 1 year of experience of civil engineering in Japan, you will take up the challenge of becoming a second-class Civil Engineering and Construction Management Engineer.

This exam is conducted in Japanese, so Level N2 competence is required.
Please tell me about the visa application process and who will bear the cost of travel to Japan.
We perform the following three procedures in Japan that are required for you to work in Japan.

① Preparation and applying for authorization of resident eligibility. (for review when entering the country)
② Application procedures for employment visa.
③ Purchase of a one-way ticket to Japan. (sent by e-ticket)

However, you will need to perform any procedures in your home country, such as applying for a passport and applying for a visa at the Japanese embassy.
Please tell me some details of the work.
We are mainly engaged in managing construction of civil engineering works commissioned by the Tokyo metropolitan government. We are experts in river construction works. Aside from this, we also perform road paving works and construction of water supply facilities as a primary contractor.
As for specific details, we perform construction management including process management, quality control, safety management, and performance management.

In the field, you will perform site surveying and photography work.

The work also involves desk-based tasks such as using CAD to modify drawings and creating reports with Excel or Word software.

Minato Civil was founded in 1970 and has a 48-year history of performance.
Do I need any qualifications?
You are required to have studied civil engineering or a similar major at a university in your home country.
You are also required to have enough Japanese language competence for simple sentences and everyday conversation, as well as fourth-grade elementary school kanji script reading and writing skills (JLPT N2 Level).
It’s also an advantage if you have a license enabling you to drive in Japan.
Are there any recreation activities inside the company?
Yes, we have a lot. We start the year by visiting a nearby shrine in the New Year period. We enjoy group meals such as birthday parties and welcome parties almost every month on river dining boats, in restaurants in our building, and at nearby ethnic restaurants.
In addition, we take an employee trip each year. We also participate in regional boat racing competitions and festivals. Recreation is important to deepen the bonds of friendship among employees.