Minato Civil Introduction

Message From The President

Chief Executive Officer
倉本 眞澄
Masumi Kuramoto
The foundation of our company is our people.
The foundation of our company is our people. We have striven to create an environment in which every single one of our employees can take pride and develop confidence in working at Minato Civil.

One such initiative is life planning, where we encourage employees to depict an ideal image of themselves in 5 years’ time. This task is an opportunity to look back on oneself and to decide how best to work in the future.
Moreover, we seek to enriching the private life of every employee through our policy of prioritizing aspects of life outside the workplace: fathers participating in their children’s school events, young men taking childcare leave, single employees traveling abroad for long vacations during less busy periods, and many more.
Thanks to these efforts, the Tokyo metropolitan government has recognized Minato Civil as a Tokyo Work–Life Balance certified company—the first such certification for a construction company.
We welcome new human resources to further strengthen our dynamic capabilities, our technical capabilities, and our on-site capabilities, which represent our core strengths, to help us become a company that dominates the competition in incoming orders.
At the time of the company’s founding we had only six employees, but we now have a dedicated group of 18 technical staff, comprising twelve first-class Civil Engineering and Construction Management Engineers and six young people. Every year, new graduates have joined us and each has grown. This year, an employee who has been with the company for four years passed the second-class Civil Engineering and Construction Management Engineer examination, thus taking the first steps into a new world.

Our office is a fantastic environment that overlooks the port of Tokyo.
We have also received an ISO9001 certification in quality control and established a system ensuring stable provision of quality required by those commissioning our services.
This year, we will hire 2 engineers and 1 new graduate.

For over 40 years since our founding in 1970, Minato Civil has been a construction company undertaking public civil engineering works. We have a heartfelt commitment to doing business that utilizes our wealth of experience and demonstrates our technical capabilities in rebuilding Japan and creating urban developments that keep local areas safe and secure.

We are committed to remaining a company known and trusted for high quality work. We appreciate your ongoing generous support and understanding.